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I spent this last week in Ireland in a very small and poor town called Limavady. One plane, 3 buses, and a taxi ride later my mother and I finally arrived at the Roe Park Resort to begin our adventure. We decided on a whim to come on a sort of ancestry trip, visiting old graveyards, going through old churches records, and searching for any Hylands that still existed in Limavady. We were lucky enough to have two taxi drivers, Nigel and Richard, who took us under their wing and drove us all around Northern Ireland trying to find information and knocking on doors for us, as well as a bit of sight seeing. I can officially say, I have NEVER met any other people as friendly as the Irish. Everyone was beyond kind and gracious to us, not to mention, genuinely happy to help us out with our search – we were even getting phone calls once we were back at our hotel from people that were still out working the case for us.. it was incredible…

I am not going to go into detail about what we found in terms on ancestry as the investigation is still ongoing. Instead I will share some of our sight seeing highlights we did get to enjoy. On our second day, we were brought to see the “best view in Ireland” (or so Richard says…) that is one of the highest point’s in Limavady overlooking the ocean and where many people go gliding during the summer. On day three Nigel took us to The Giant’s Causeway, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption and also the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 and is today owned and managed by the National Trust.

I had seen a picture of it before arriving, but nothing prepared me for the immensity and emotions I felt once I actually got there. It was like walking through the set of a Lord of the Rings movie.. it’s grandeur and depths were hauntingly beautiful. As we hiked up the mountain, Nigel was kind enough to tell us the legend behind what we were seeing, in that the columns are the remains of a causeway built by a giant. He explained that the Irish Giant Fionn mac Cumhaill was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner. When Fion accepted the challenge, he built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet. There are several versions of how the story the ends, but according to our Nigel, it was Fionn that defeated Benandonner.

No photo can do justice to what we saw. The sheer magnitude of it was something uncapturable through a lens and indescribable through words.

Get more information on the Giant’s Causeway at:
44 Causeway Road, Bushmills
BT57 8SU

Telephone: 028 2073 1855


As I walked into the George V, I couldn’t help from replaying the scene of French Kiss in my head and chuckling as I passed by the concierge. Of course, the staff were nothing short of kind, polite, and pretty much perfect… definitely not how the monsieur was portrayed in the movie ;)

I had made a reservation in La Galerie; a beautiful room full of chandeliers, 19th-century paintings and furniture, flemish tapestries, and a live pianist. I decided to try the tea time with my mom and a friend that is open daily from 3pm-6pm. As I was walking to La Galerie, I noticed there was an outdoor seating area as well with chic black tables surrounded by magnificent purple orchids dripping from overhead and perfectly trimmed topiaries. Lucky for me, sitting outside was no problem and we got a table with a fantastic view over the extraordinary courtyard.

We decided to try the High Tea “A La Francaise” which consisted of:
Glass of Champagne (Tête de Cuvée)
Your Choice of Tea or Hot Beverage
Assortment of Fine Savories
Selection of Pastries
Cannelés from Bordeaux, Madeleine, Financier
Home-made Scones Served with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam

We spent the next two hours sipping our tea and champagne, while munching on delicious hand sandwiches, scones, macarons, and madeleines! The ambiance and decor were enchanting and the two hours passed in what felt like five minutes. I could have stayed all day in that courtyard!

I left feeling as if I had stepped into another world…

Whether you are going just to enjoy a glass of champagne, dinner, or even stay at the Four Seasons George V, it is a remarkably beautiful hotel with locations all around the world.

In Paris, the hotel is located off the Champs Elysees at:
31 Avenue Georges V, 75008, Paris

Phone number: 01 49 52 70 00



I was missing spanish tapas so much that I hopped on a plane and decided to head to Barcelona for the weekend. With very little time, I spent my days walking around the city and eating tapas and drinking sangria as much as possible. I couldn’t help myself but head straight to the Boqueria Market for some heavenly divine smoothies! (So many creative flavors and amazing colors) After 2 smoothies and drooling over all the amazing produce around me, I stopped at Pinoxto (right in the middle of the market) for some fresh langoustines and razor clams – I would also recommend to try the plate of chickpeas!

The next restaurant I headed to, which ended up being my absolute favorite, was right next door to my hotel and called Paco Meralgo. Here, we went a little crazy ordering gazpacho, courgette flowers with mozarella cheese, ham & cheese croquettes, bellotto cured ham, deep fried strips of eggplant, padron peppers (love these), grilled green asparagus, cod fritters, and smoked salmon all washed down with a cool glass of white wine and for my friend a clara con limon. (beer with lemon)
Check out their website at:
located at C/Muntaner, 171, 08036 Barcelona
or make a reservation at 934 309 027

We went around 10pm for dinner and had to wait about an hour before being seated without a reservation, but if you go earlier you should have better luck :)

And my last meal before heading out was at the infamous Boca Grande! I personally loved the ambiance of the place, but imagine it is most likely better to go for drinks at night. While the food was good, I found the portions rather large. I enjoyed a selection of tapas again including padron peppers, cod fritters, chicken croquettes, and seared scallops with seaweed tempura. I also accepted the bread with fresh tomatoes with each meal as well. The restaurant itself is very cool with a decor of walls covered in different wines and olive oils… take a look here:
They are located at: Passatge de la Concepcio, 12
08003 Barcelona
And open from 13h -24h. Reservations at (93) 467 51 49 or

Buen provecho Everyone!

So here it is… my infamous Chanel Birthday Cake! What a surprise and treat it was when they brought this beauty over to the table - i screamed with excitement and could not stop smiling for the rest of the evening!

 The cake was made by a company called Cake and Art located in West Hollywood.  They do anything from customized cupcakes to personalized chocolates for all different occasions and have been in business now for over 35 years.  As mentioned on their website, Cake and Art has been featured in the pages of Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, People, InStyle, Life Magazine, and was recently aired on The Food Network for extrordainary cakes. 

 I loved my cake so much I almost didn’t want to let them take it back to cut up for everyone! But once I found out it was chocolate cake (my favorite) I really couldn’t say no…..

I can’t wait to use Cake & Art for future events… already playing with fun ideas in my head!

Check out their site at:

8709 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069    phone:  (310)657-8694

Red Medecine

I chose to spend my 25th birthday at restaurant Red Medecine  (which had been awarded best new restaurant of 2012) located in Beverly Hills.  Since we were a group more than 10 people, they recommended that we pre-order a fixed menu of 10 different dishes to all try and share. 

The 10 dishes that you see here are:

1. Charred Uni- with cauliflower and chinese sausage (in the fishbowl)

2. Crispy spring rolls-dingeness crab, lime

3. Brussel Sprouts - shallots, fish sauce (the first largest pic there is)

4. Japanese Scallops-yogurt, unripe melon (pic directly above)

5. Chinese dumplings-carmelized sugar, confitures (left under the brussel sprouts)

6. Young Turnips-banana vinegar, creme fraiche (right side under brussel sprouts)

7. Wild Alaskan Halibut-black roots, burnt onion (left above scallops)

8. Braised Lamb-golden beets, mango (next to halibut)

9. Milk Chocolate Cream-in the japanese method, crispy devil’s food, cucumber, buckwheat, lovage (next to chinese dumplings)

10. Verbana Ice-almond praline, red currant, orange blossom, jasmine (wasn’t able to get a photo of this one)

As you can see from the pictures and descriptions, each dish was not only creative but beautifully presented.  Surprisingly, my favorite, since I have never been a huge fan of these, was the Brussel Sprouts with shallots and fish sauce.  Even saying the dish out loud sounds strange to me, but together the flavors complimented one another resulting in a delicious savory chewiness.  The majority of our table was drawn to the mouth watering Japanese Scallops.  The dish was beyond fresh and light, and not to mention, almost too pretty to eat!

As for the desserts, there’s a reason why I wasn’t able to get a picture of the second one… It was scooped up and eaten within seconds! It was nice to have such a big contrast between the two so our palettes could indulge in chocolate while feeling refreshed and cleansed by the verbana ice.  I should mention that on top of this all, we also had birthday cake…. which will come in a later post ;)

Check out Red Medecine on their website at:‎ or call to make a reservation at:+1 323-651-5500

They are open from Mondays-Sundays 6pm-2am!

Located at:

8400 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Dinner at Restaurant Animal: We were all pretty skeptical upon arrival after seeing a menu filled with dishes like beef heart, veal tongue. crispy pig head, pig tails, and veal brains. The restaurant was nothing fancy, no special decor, but I still had hope as I saw some of the other orders being brought out.

Our table, a group of 7, decided we would each order 2 plates and share everything tapas style. I chose the bone marrow with chimichurri, and carmelized onions as well as the balsamic pork ribs with grilled heirloom squash, yuzu, and green chilli. My 2 personal favorites from all 14 dishes included the bone marrow and the asparagus with pistachio, green strawberry, lime, and yarrow. (which i unfortunately did not get a picture of)

After dinner, the majority of our table couldn’t stop raving about how it was one of the best meals they have ever had. Despite the intimidating menu, Animal proved to be unique, delicious, and reasonably priced.

I also bought myself a copy of their cookbook, Harvest to Heat by Darryl Estrine and Kely Kichendorfer directly at the restaurant. A great book on cooking with America’s best Chefs, Farmers, and Artisans! Many delicious recipes I look forward to cooking!


435 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA
Call for reservations at: +1 323-78209225

Sorry for the late posts everyone…LA got crazy busy!

Hanging out with family after having lunch at Cafe Midi at 148 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles! One of the biggest menus I have ever seen and everything sounded delicious - i was told the salads are a MUST and dont miss out on their cute little terrase as well as the 2 shops connected to the cafe - cafe midi and american rag! I got the coolest stuff! or make a reservation at (323) 939-9860

and check out american rag at:

150 S. La Brea Ave.

Finally made it to LA! What a long day it was!
Time to unwind with a nice warm bath before heading to sleep ✌

Book a room at the standard hotel:‎

Finally made it to LA! What a long day it was!

Time to unwind with a nice warm bath before heading to sleep ✌

Book a room at the standard hotel:

Perfect lunch at Deux Magots … Coffee, toast with grilled goats cheese, and salad! Buon Appetito!‎
6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés  75006 Paris01 45 48 55 25

Perfect lunch at Deux Magots … Coffee, toast with grilled goats cheese, and salad! Buon Appetito!‎

6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés  75006 Paris

01 45 48 55 25

Amazing customized Coca Cola’s today at Colette!
I love working for Ghubar Magazine!
Take a look at this super trendy concept store located on rue st. honore:‎
And don’t forget to eat at their water bar downstairs!

Amazing customized Coca Cola’s today at Colette!

I love working for Ghubar Magazine!

Take a look at this super trendy concept store located on rue st. honore:‎

And don’t forget to eat at their water bar downstairs!